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History (Optional) is among the most opted choice among the candidates preparing for UPSC Civil Services Examination. The syllabus of the subject is Static which is quite beneficial from Exam’s perspective because the candidate does not need to worry about further additions in the syllabus.

This aspect makes it the easiest, safest and the most scoring optional subject. History (Optional) comprises two papers, that is, Paper-1 and Paper-2. In Paper-1, Ancient India and Medieval India portions are covered, whereas, in Paper-2 Modern India and World History portions are covered. Both Paper-1 and Paper-2 carries 250 Marks each. This increases the importance of History (Optional) subject in your Mains final score.

Preparation Strategy for History (Optional)

The first step while making your own strategy is to read the syllabus thoroughly and then analyse the syllabus after going through Previous Year Questions of History (Optional) of UPSC/IAS Exam. Once the analysis of the syllabus is done, you must start with reading OLD and New NCERTs of History from Class 6th to Class 12th to build a strong foundation.

At first, you must read the NCERT textbooks as it is and while in your second reading you must underline important things. In your third reading, you must make Notes of the important topics from NCERT Textbooks.

Once Syllabus analysis and NCERT readings are done thoroughly, you will be able to understand the level of preparation that is required for History Optional.

In case you are unable to have a good catch in the subject after reading NCERTs, you must consider taking coaching for the subject. S. Baliyan Sir is known for taking History (Optional) classes from the very basic level, even if you have no background in the subject, you will be able to have a good grasp in History as an Optional.

The next step is to read standard books for History (Optional) according to the Syllabus of History (Optional). Baliyan Sir who has been teaching History for more than 17+ Years, always recommends to practice Answer Writing topic wise on a daily basis. For this you must join Test Series from the beginning itself.

Baliyan Sir in the following class explains about all the tips and tricks you need to know for Answer Writing to score 330+ Marks easily. Click here to watch the Answer Writing Session taken by S. Baliyan Sir for History Optional and GS Mains answer Writing.

You must practice 4 to 5 questions daily of the topic covered in a day.

Note-making part comes when you have taken at least 2 to 3 readings of the entire syllabus of History (Optional). You must try to make Notes topic-wise as mentioned in the Syllabus of History (Optional) of UPSC CSE Exam.

Ancient India is the most scoring part of entire History Optional. Ancient India includes a Map Section that carries 50 Marks and one can easily score 45+ Marks in this section.

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